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Shiatsu Massage

Is a Japanese massage embedded within Oriental medicine theories, it is a style of massage that is  both adaptive and nurturing, melting away those aches and pains you have been experiencing, leaving your body feeling relaxed and refreshed.

Therapeutic benefits  for stress relief, emotional relief, muscle tension and pain, constipation, headaches, poor sleep and more

A thorough reading of your of body from a Chinese Medicine Doctor is incorporated to the treatment  to optimize the benefits for you, giving you that long needed extra care you need and deserve!

Qi Gong, Dietary and life style plan


Chinese medicines  greatest strength is the knowledge  interconnectedness of our lives and  health, regarding how our physical movements, our emotional experiences and our cognitive thoughts/mental outlooks create disease.


Knowing this, we can aid in disease prevention before it becomes serious and we can give you the tools through diet , meditation and exercise to help bring you back to your path of better health!

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