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Mornington Penisula - Health and Fitness Podcast

A podcast created to explore the wonders of the morningtong penisula,
interveiwing local skilled practitioners that excel in health practices as we gain insights and knowldge to learning more about how we can heal and make oursleves stronger,  as well introducing these people to be known by the greater community to help us all thrive.

Episode List -
Episode 1- Lionel Louch ( Living Culture) healing with the land
Episode 2 - Read Adam Smith -Reeds Weeds ( foragaing, fermenting and fun times)
Episode 3 - Lauren Curtain - Womans Health Expert -Super power periods
Episode 4 - Ryan Heatley- loosing your mind - Nomind Yoga . Tradtional Ashtanga Yoga
Episode 5 - slowing down and Going Yinwards with yin yoga (insert name
Epsiode 6 - Getting in touch , Lisa whittas kinseilogist
Episode 7 - Myofacial Mastery and repair for sporting athletes . Gemma linell
Epsiode 8 - Its all in your head - Tess Duit hypno therapist
Episode 9 - Loosing the weight of the world - Lee Smith weightloss
Epsiode 10 -Let there be light, Infrared Sauna (Conor oneil)
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