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Meditation - A Practical Guide to Fast Tracking Spiritual & Emotional Development and Healing.

Hi and welcome to a series of blogs aimed to walk you through your exploration on meditation and sitting Qi Gong.

Consider this a Mentor-ship. We will start from the very start giving you ALL the necessary background information, tools and techniques to make your meditation THRIVE. After years of practice, trials and techniques i am here to explain what works, why it works and what you want to achieve from your practice! So WHAT is meditation? Meditation is a tool of self awareness it can be very simple or very complicated, and seriously... it can be complicated without a teacher. There are SO many styles and forms of meditation from ancient traditions of Tantra,Yoga, Kundalini, Zen and Qi Gong just to name a few. As the popularity increases new brands of meditation come out aimed to be easily digested and sold in the health industry. However this tool is so powerful it feels like a real SHAME to see it only sold as mediocre way just to help people relax a little a bit , when meditation is capable of much MORE !( It will be explained) SO WHY MEDITATE? There are many great reasons to meditate starting with the basics, like RELAXATION. Meditation is a great tool to switch our sympathetic GO GO GO state to our parasympathetic state, which is our rest and digest state (Which Should be our primary way of being). This is a very important skill to have because many of us are stuck in the Go Go Go state and hardly get a break, leading to burn-out, anxiety and disconnection from ourselves. Being stuck in this busy state is the equivalent of having the stove on while your not cooking, or running the car while your sitting inside your house, its insane! After the benefits of relaxation we get the benefits of IMPROVED FOCUS, deep focus, both physically and emotionally, we begin to feel how are body reacts to thoughts and emotions on a deeper tangible level and we also begin to hear our thoughts on the subconscious level. With Improved focus ordinary tasks and projects have more attention and in so are accomplished with a easy tranquil state, it allows you to think outside of the box and deal with stressful situations with ease. After relaxation and focus, we begin dive deeper into HEALING, as meditation is one of the strongest tools for Healing Past TRAUMA (This will be explained thoroughly in a future article). Past trauma can be either negative experiences you have experienced this life, or indirect trauma from conditioning by your parents or trauma from your ancestors. After healing and working through trauma comes Contentedness and Stability, this is when we begin to refine our practice and become our True selves, A sense of intuition grows inside of us, a sense of feeling and knowing exactly how each moment that we react and engage in either expands and grows our potential to becoming our true selves, or the opposite we can identify our actions that lead take us away from living our potential. This is when life becomes your meditation. The last benefit is Health Benefits, One can experience improved Energy,improved emotional health Improved sleep, lower blood pressure, increased libido and a warmer heart, future articles will explain more. SO NOW YOU KNOW WHY YOU SHOULD MEDITATE BUT WHAT ABOUT WHEN?

Meditation is just like any other skill in life, if that be writing, martial arts, pottery, art, dance whatever it is, the more time and effort you put into your craft the more you will get out of it. This is the fast track article so ill be telling you what to learn with the quickest and most effective ways to get results.

The best way to get breakthrough improvements is ROUTINE, i don't want you feeling like your sitting there like a dead stump staring at the gates of oblivion. The best way is to schedule Two meditation sessions a day! Twice a day significantly improves your progression more then once a day, once a day is still great but twice day somehow feels like it triple the benefits. Everyone has different schedules, its up to you to fit your routine into your schedule, the best way you can within your limits.

Ideally morning and night are the best times to start meditation to get into a deeper state and have a more effective session. Starting your first session at first Light and your second session just after the sun sets, if you cant do that schedule morning and nights are just as good. Starting your meditation first thing in the morning is very important for some individuals because once the day starts it almost feels counter productive to slow down again, its much better to meditate first thing.

Okay tell me HOW TO MEDITATE! There is a method and system to meditation, It is important that one is patient and does not get caught up in the feelings and idealism of the Esoteric Market , trying to blow open your chakras, astral project, Speak to spirits, visualize things etc etc. Slow down its a trap! I don't care what it is, all people that know how to learn know it is FUNDAMENTAL to start with the BASICS. There is no point to all the other esoteric training until you are stable and centered within yourself. So Lets get to the basics First is Routine- Fundamental for development and progression for any skill. Second is time - The time you put in is what you will get out of this Third - Is the "State", this is the quality of the energetic state you reach, how deep inside yourself you go. Fourth is Intention - This is the power of your practice, how much you charge your intention, depends if your body will build your energy or just relax/fall asleep. Lets Begin Start with only 10 minutes twice a day. I say this because i know your capable of sitting for longer peroids but doing consecutively everyday is alot of adjusting and i have found this method works best. Use an app or a timer to chime when your time is done, so you can completely focus on the meditation. You can also set an alarm on your phone when to start your sessions morning and night so you dont forget. Start in a sitting position either Cross legged, half lotus or full lotus, use as many bolsters or pillows necessary, so that when you are sitting your are completely comfortable. Note in the begging it may be uncomfortable to sit, you might experience pain in your legs or back. In-time your body will relax and it will become easier. if you struggle it is a good idea to try meridian stretches Found here ( Coming soon ) or yoga to make you Limber. Once seated rest the palms on the knee's face down (no fancy mudras needed) and begin to breath. Breath into your body passively don't force inhales or exhales, only encourage more of what is already happening. Allow your body to completely relax and your breath sink all the way down your belly and perineum, let your abdomen be a big pump for your body. The first time trying within in the first minute, you will be breathing and sitting, and you might feel like yeah is this all there is??? so hard . This is your first lesson of state, this state is when your mind is still on the surface and not connected with the breath and the body. As you sit longer you might begin to feel a change, most likely you will feel something viscous with your breath. This is the Mind connecting with the breath, Feeling is the language between the mind and the body, and you will have successful started a relationship. Once you have been able to feel the breath that is a great sign of improvement and will be discussed in future topics. Every week i want you to add 2 extra minutes onto each meditation e.g 12 minutes twice a day for week two, 14 minutes for week 3 etc. We aim for 1 hour before starting before we start seriously cultivating Qi. Meditation starter Check List Meditation Routine times set for the week, twice a day. Timer set for 10 mins Have a comfortable quite setup Practice twice a day for 10 minutes Belly breathing Relax into feeling Breath. Contents of Part two: Increasing meditation time periods 10- Mins to 30 minutes Connecting and grasping with the viscous breath Directing the energy through the mind Changing state and Intention. Fast tracking and avoiding complications.

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