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8 easy tips you need to know for your headaches

1. Stop Caffeine, Cacao, Stimulants and Drugs As much as you we love of coffee or Cacao if your getting headaches its time for break, even once a day is too much when your prone to headaches.

Caffeine is a powerful substance, it switches your body ON regardless of what your body wants. However the cost is your vitamin stores are burnt through quicker and calcium absorption is restricted, western research has linked B-Vitamins as an effective treatment for headaches and migraines. Don't buy any just any b vitamins, most synthetic forms can cause more harm than good. The best source b vitamins come from food and herbs.

You will get withdrawls

It's extremely common for people to struggle with some withdrawal symptoms in the first 3 days of stopping caffeine but it will be worth your while, if you feel fatigued without coffee then its clear sign your diet and lifestyle is not supporting you, take it as blessing to change before things get worse.

2.Rest and Sleep enough

If you are working crazy hours or have sleep issues then you have to change this. Our bodies can only take so much overuse, if you know you are in unhealthy work place or routine make the change or begin working towards better options. It's easier to prevent problems then to recover from them.

Listen to your body and rest. If you feel good after exercise its a good sing that your body can handle your workouts if you feel terrible after, your body needs some rest time to restore the adrenals. Over work will burn through your energy and nutrient reserves (Kidney Qi) make you prone to more headaches

3. Eat more greens and eat more

Greens are the best especially cooked, consider having a huge serving of cooked greens with each meal. Green vegetables contain lots of vitamins and antiinflammatory properties that help keep headaches at bay. Try to get local seasonal and organic if possible .

4. Stretch your body Some people get headaches purely because of muscle tension created from work stress and poor posture, while some people get muscle tension just because they lack B vitamins and Blood in chinese Medicine.

If your body is blood deficient your muscles will almost feel dry, ropey and brittle. Strong healthy people will have muscles that are soft when relaxed and hard when active (Like a cat) .

Stretch and do yoga i definitely recommend yin yoga for people with headaches as it is not as exhausting and more calming. Focusing on the neck shoulders back and hips will help circulation and stress to start improving and reducing the frequency of tension type headaches.

5. Stress less and Mediate more

Stress can inhibit our digestion and absorption of vital nutrients needed to keep headaches away. Stress can even cause more inflammation which can lead to headaches too. Add meditation into your daily routine to help reduce stress. Want to learn how to meditate click Here.

6. Get B12

B12 and B6 have a close relationship and support each other, if one is low it will inhibit the function of the other, if your someone that tends to fatigue or tiredness it could be that your Vitamin stores or Blood is low.

Bioavailable B12 is found in animal products, especially high in shellfish, organ meats and Red meat. If you are vegan consider supplementing.

7. Build your blood and Iron

B12 and b6 are important parts of blood, but you also have to consider Iron and magnesium and vitamin C. Vitamin C is critical for the absorption of iron. In chinese Medicine we recommended Red foods to strengthen blood. Red Foods Include Beetroot, Cherries, Raspberries, Pomegranate, Goji berries boiled into tea, Red date, red meats and blackberries.

8. Regulate your menstrual Cycle (for Ladies)

Your menstrual Cycle is your biggest clue to tell you something systematically is out of balance.

Too early, too late, a lot of bleeding, not much, clots or no period at all these all have significant meanings to what is stopping you from optimal health.


Aggravating factors that can cause or make headaches worse

Alcohol, Aspirin and Codeine (any pain killer) Antibiotics and Antifungal agents

Antihypertensives Caffeine-corticosteroids (found in skin medication)-

Ergotamine-MAO inhibitors


Contraceptives (the pill)


Occupation and environmental Toxins-

Concussion Anemia ( Use Herbal Medicine and diet changes)-

Hypoglycemia-Herpes Zoster-Glaucoma

Need Help?

Book in here for a consultation we use tools such as Acupuncture, Herbal Medicine or Life style plans to get your body back in balance. For those who are too far away we have skype consults and can mail herbs to those in Australia .

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